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Dakota Provisions

Dakota Provisions™ was founded with a focus on the idea to support family farms. We are backed by 500 years of combined experience, making Dakota Provisions one of the best in the protein industry. Our commitment carries on delivering the highest quality products to you and our customers. Dakota Provisions products are into some of the finest recipes at your favorite food service establishments. You can also find many of our family brands in our very own Wyshbone Market™ in South Dakota online for purchase at and, and other local retailers.


Dakota44™ is one of our trusted brands that crafts both bold flavors and gentle ways in every meal. Their vegetarian turkeys consume corn grown from the same family farms which raised them. The turkeys never experience cages or crates and are allowed the space to express natural behaviors on Dakota44’s agricultural-friendly Midwest farms. When thinking about turkey, Dakota44™ thinks outside of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner table and offers bold meals, snacks, and appetizer solutions with a twist of funky fresh attitude. The belief in crafting quality food moments for every day and every meal is what drives Dakota44™ to continue crafting for you.


Pietz Kitchen & Specialties

Pietz Kuchen Kitchen & Specialties is a local German family-owned business specializing in making traditional original German custard desserts and soul-warming pizzas made with love right out of South Dakota.

Hillcrest Meats

Hillcrest Meats is a local USDA inspected manufacturer located on a sustainable family farm located in South Dakota. Hillcrest is best known for its homegrown products such as chicken, turkey, cheese, bratwurst, and breakfast sausages. Hillcrest Meats is local, delicious, and holds itself to the highest standards by only using the best ingredients.



Emerge is a local South Dakota company that manufactures beverages that come in many delicious flavors. Emerge beverages provide every lasting energy you’ll need to be your best, every day all day!

Kasemeister Creamery

Kasemeister Creamery is a sustainable family farm-owned business located in South Dakota. Kasemeister Creamery goes well beyond harvesting honey from their very own honey bees but also raises their livestock and produce for their families and yours! They genuinely live ‘farm to table.’ Their products are made right on their Hutterite farms, making them easy to bring to your table for you to enjoy!

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