Brookings 04-23-2020 Inventory

Item NameSize
Applewood Smoked Turkey Sliced10 lb.
Beef Bologna Sliced10 lb.
Deli Fresh Roast Beef Sliced10 lb.
Fried Turkey Breast Ends N Pieces10 lb.
Hickory Honey Smoked Breast Portion9 lb.
Hickory Honey Turkey Breast Portion9 lb.
Hickory Pepper Turkey Breast Portion9 lb.
Honey Hm Sliced10 lb.
Honey Roast Turkey Breast Portion10 lb.
Low Sodium Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Portion9 lb.
Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast Portion9 lb.
Natural Roast Beef Sliced10 lb.
Off the Bone Turkey Sliced10 lb.
Oven Browned Turkey Breast Porion3 lb.
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Portion9 lb.
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Portion7 lb.
Oven Roasted Turkey Sliced10 lb.
Pepper Roasted Turkey Breast Portion7 lb.
Pork Beef Bolgna Sliced10 lb.
Pork Bologna Sliced10 lb.
Roast Beef Chub9 lb.
Smoked Turkey Breast Portion7 lb.
Smoked Turkey Breast Portion 9 lb.
Turkey Ham Sliced10 lb.
Chub Chipolte Chicken25 lb.
Ground Turkey Trat No Antibiotics Ever1 lb.
Organic Ground Turkey1.5 lb.
Oven Roasted Turkey Chub27 lb.
Queso Fresco Chub5 lb.
Raw Turkey Breast Skin On6 lb.
Shave Deli Ham1.5 lb.
Turkey Bacon3 lb.
Turkey Wing Halves-Rib5 lb.
Whole Fried Turkey11 lb.
Turkey Breast10 lb.
Turkey Drumsticks6.2 lb.
Turkey Fries10 lb.
Turkey Gizzards10 lb.
Turkey Necks10 lb.
Turkey Tails10 lb.
Turkey Tenders10 lb.
Turkey Thighs 10 lb.
Turkey Wings7.5 lb.
KC – Block – Apple Cinnamon8 oz.
KC – Block – Applewood Smoked Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Baby Swiss6 oz.
KC – Block – Black Garlic8 oz.
KC – Block – Black Pepper8 oz.
KC – Block – Caraway8 oz.
KC – Block – Cayenne Pepper Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Chipotle Peppr Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Colby8 oz.
KC – Block – Colby Jack Cheese8 oz.
KC – Block – Garlic & Dill8 oz.
KC – Block – Gouda8 oz.
KC – Block – Green Onion8 oz.
KC – Block – Horseradish & Chives8 oz.
KC – Block – Jalpeno Bacon Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Jalpeno Pepper Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Mild Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Onion Garlic Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Pepper Jack8 oz.
KC – Block – Ranch Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Reserve Cheddar 8 oz.
KC – Block – Sharp Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Smoked Gouda8 oz.
KC – Block – Smoked Paprika Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Special Reserve Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Block – Tomato Bacon Basil8 oz.
KC – Curds – Apple Cinnamon8 oz.
KC – Curds – Cayenne Pepper Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Curds – Chipotle Pepper8 oz.
KC – Curds – Garlic & Dill8 oz.
KC – Curds – Green Onion Curds8 oz.
KC – Curds – Horse Radish & Chives8 oz.
KC – Curds – Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Curds – Jalapeno Pepper Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Curds – Onion Garlic Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Curds – Ranch8 oz.
KC – Curds – Smoked Paprika8 oz.
KC – Curds – Tomato Bacon & Basil8 oz.
KC – Bites – Applewood Smoked Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Bites – Baby Swiss8 oz.
KC – Bites – Colby8 oz.
KC – Bites – Colby Jack8 oz.
KC – Bites – Gouda8 oz.
KC – Bites – Medium Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Bites – Mild Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Bites – Pepper Jack8 oz.
KC – Bites – Reserve Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Bites – Sharp Cheddar8 oz.
KC – Bites – Smoked Gouda8 oz.
KC – Rhubarb Jam8 oz.
KC – Strawberry Blueberry Jam8 oz.
KC – Beets – Pickled1 qt.
KC – Garden in Jar – Pickled1 Qt
KC – Bloody Mary – Pickled1 Qt
KC – Sweet Jalapeno – Pickled1 Qt
HC – Canadian Bacon1 lb.
HC – Roasted Pepper Bacon1 lb. 
HC – Ground Beef1 lb.
HC – Bacon & Cheddar Bratwurst1 lb.
HC – Bacon & Onion Bratwurst1 lb.
HC – Beer Bratwurst1 lb.
HC – Bratwurst – Plain Regular1 lb.
HC – Cheddar Bratwurst1 lb.
HC – Hashbrown & Cheddar Bratwurst1 lb.
HC – Horseradish Bratwurst1 lb.
HC – Italian Bratwurtst1 lb.
HC – Jalapeno & Cheddar Bratwurst1 lb.
HC – Philly Cheddar Bratwurst1 lb.
HC – American Cheese Sliced3 lb.
HC – Swiss Cheese Sliced 5 lb.
HC – Bone in Ham9 lb. 
HC – Pickled Eggs2 lb.
HC – Pickled Pork Hocks2 lb.
HC – Pickled Sausage2 lb.
HC – Pickled Turkey Gizzards2 lb.
HC – Pork Chops3 lb.
HC – Beef Pot Pie2 lb.
HC – Chicken Pot Pie2 lb.
HC – Turkey Pot Pie2lbs.
HC – Breakfast Links12 oz.
HC – Summer Sausage1 lb.
HC – Summer Sausage / Cheese1 lb.
HC – Summer Sausage – Cheese & Jalapeno1 lb.
HC – Ring Sausage1 lb.
HC – Ring Sausage – Cheese & Jalapeno1 lb.
HC – Ring Sausage – Cheese1 lb.
HC – Rib Eye Stead2.5 lb.
HC – Sirloin Steak2.5 lb.
HC – New York Strip2.5 lb.
HC – Whole Smoked Chicken3.516 lb.
Barnyard Bacon Breakfast 1.5 lb.
Dakota Westerner1.5 lb. 
Sunrise Sausage
3 Meat Mammoth1.5 lb.
Chicken Bacon Ranch1.5 lb.
Countryside Cheese1.5 lb.
Farmers Luaw1.5 lb.
Grassland Garlic1.5 lb.
Home Steaders Supreme1.5 lb.
Prairie Pepperoni1.5 lb.
Sweet Dakota Heat1.5 lb.
Blueberry Kuchen1.25 lb.
Peach Kuchen1.25 lb.
Strawberry Rhubarb Kuchen1.25 lb.
Veryberry Kucken1.25 lb.
SDSU – Choc Choc Chip1/2 gallon
SDSU – M&M Chocolate1/2 gallon
SDSU – M&M Vanilla1/2 gallon
SDSU – Strawberry Revel1/2 gallon
SDSU – Vanilla 1/2 gallon
Bites – Bacon & Onion Cheese8 oz.
Bites – Colby Cheese Bites8 oz.
Bites – Colby Jack Cheese6 oz.
Bites – Pepper Jack Cheese8 oz.
Bites – Pepper Colby Jack8 oz.
Bites – Pepperoni Cheese8 oz.
Block – Aged Cheddar Cheese8 oz.
Block – Aged White Cheddar8 oz.
Block – Bacon & Onion Cheese8 oz.
Block – Black Pepper cheese8 oz.
Block – Cheddar Cheese8 oz.
Block – Chipotle Cheese8 oz.
Block – Colby Cheese8 oz.
Block – Colby Jack Cheese8 oz.
Block – Dill Cheese8 oz.
Block – Garden Medley Cheese.5 lb.
Block – Garlic and Parsley8 oz.
Block – Ghost Pepper Cheese8 oz.
Block – Habanero Cheese8 oz.
Block – Horseradish Cheese8 oz.
Block – Monterey Cheese8 oz.
Block – Pepper Colby Jack8 oz.
Block – Pepper Jack Cheese8 oz.
Block – Pepperoni Cheese8 oz.
Block – Prairie Heat Cheese8 oz.
Block – Ranch Cheese8 oz.
Block – Salsa Cheese8 oz.
Block – Smoked Cheddar Cheese8 oz.
Block – Tomato Basil Cheese8 oz.
Curds – Yellow Cheddar
Curds – Yellow and White Chedd.5 lb.
Spread – Aged Cheddar Cheese.75 lb.
Spread – Horseradish cheese.75 lb.
Spread – Jalapeno Cheese.75 lb.
Spread – Nacho Cheese Dip.75 lb.
Spread – Prairie Heat Spread8 oz.
Spread – Ranch Cheese.75 lb.
Spread – Smoked Cheddar Cheese.75 lb.
Butter – Salted1 lb.
Docs Grilling Spice – Dimock17 oz.
Honke’s Chipotle BBQ Sauce13.5 oz.
Honke’s Hot Pepper Bacon Jam11 oz.
Mustard Paint BBQ Sauce13.5 oz.
Circus Wings – Hot18 oz.
Circus Wings – Medium Sauce18 oz.
Circus Wings – Buffalo BBQ Sauce18 oz.
Honey – 24 oz. Bear1.5 lb.
Honey – 6 oz. Bear6 oz.
Honey – 12 oz. Cream Honey.75 lb.
Honey – 12 oz. Bear12 oz.
Dot’s Pretzels 2 lb. Large2 lb.
Dot’s Pretzels Large 16 oz.1 lb.
Caramel Explosion Popcorn1 lb.
Sunflower Seeds – Medium13 oz.
Sunflower Seeds – BBQ5.5 oz.
Sunflower Seeds – Ranch5.5 oz.
Sunflower Seeds – Flaming Bacon5.5 oz.
Sunflower Seeds – Cheeseburger5.5 oz.
Sunflower Seeds – Small6.5 oz.

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