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10/3/2019Wyshbone Market LLC
9:20 AMItem Detail
DepartmentItem NameSizeOn-hand QtyActive Price
CHEESEButter – Dimock Dairy – 1 lb.1 lb.2$6.00
CHEESECheese – 1/4 Horn Cheddar3-4 lb.5$17.00
CHEESECheese – 1/4 Horn Colby Jack3.4 lb.1$17.00
CHEESECheese – Bites – Bacon & Onion8 oz9$3.75
CHEESECheese – Bites – Colby8 oz6$3.75
CHEESECheese – Bites – Colby Jack8 oz5$3.75
CHEESECheese – Bites – Garden Medley8 oz3$3.75
CHEESECheese – Bites – Habanero8 oz1$3.75
CHEESECheese – Bites – Pepper Co-Jac8 oz7$3.75
CHEESECheese – Bites – Pepper Jack8 oz9$3.75
CHEESECheese – Bites – Pepperoni8 oz7$3.75
CHEESECheese – Bites – Smoked Cheddar8oz4$3.75
CHEESECheese – block – Aged Cheddar8 oz5$4.25
CHEESECheese – Block – Bacon & Onion8 oz2$3.60
CHEESECheese – block – Bleu Cheddar8 oz5$4.25
CHEESECheese – block – Colby8 oz8$3.35
CHEESECheese – block – Colby Jack8 oz5$3.35
CHEESECheese – block – Dill8 oz7$3.60
CHEESECheese – block – Garlic&Parsley8 oz9$3.60
CHEESECheese – block – Ghost Pepper8 oz7$4.25
CHEESECheese – block – Habanero8 oz8$4.25
CHEESECheese – block – Horseradish8 oz8$4.25
CHEESECheese – block – Pepperoni8 oz4$3.60
CHEESECheese – Block – Rasberry Jalap.5 lb.3$4.70
CHEESECheese – block – Smoked Cheddar8 oz1$3.60
CHEESECheese – pound – Chedd & Salami1 lb.1$6.70
CHEESECheese – pound – Cheddar1 lb9$5.50
CHEESECheese – pound – Colby1 lb4$5.50
CHEESECheese – pound – Colby Jack1 lb15$5.50
CHEESECheese – pound – Monterey Jack1 lb9$5.50
CHEESECheese – pound – Pepper Co-Jack1 lb7$6.70
CHEESECheese – pound – Pepper Jack1 lb6$6.70
CHEESECheese – Spread – Aged Cheddar12 oz3$5.50
CHEESECheese – Spread – Cheddar12 oz6$5.50
CHEESECheese – Spread – Horseradish12 oz5$5.50
CHEESECheese – Spread – Jalapeno12 oz4$5.50
CHEESECheese – Spread – Nacho Di12 oz4$5.50
CHEESECheese – Spread – Prairie Heat10 oz.1$5.50
CHEESEDoc’s Seasoning17 oz.10$6.75
CHEESEHonke’s Chptl BBQ Sauce13.5 oz22$4.95
CHEESEHonke’s Mustard Paint13.5 oz25$4.95
CHEESEHonke’s Pepper Bacon Jam11 oz.7$9.29
CHEESEKC – Block – Apple Cinnamon.5 lb.17$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Baby Swiss6 oz.14$3.85
CHEESEKC – Block – Bacon Jalapeno.5 lb5$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Black Garlic.5 lb.10$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Black Pepper Chedd.5 lb.16$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Caraway.5 lb.14$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Cayenne Pepper.5 lb.17$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Cheddar.5 lb.8$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Chipotle Pepper.5 lb.16$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Colby.5 lb.49$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Garlic & Dill.5 lb24$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Gouda.5 lb.9$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Green Onion Cheddar8 oz.3$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Horseradish & Chiv.5 lb.16$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Jalapeno Cheddar.5 lb.12$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Onion & Garlic.5 lb.20$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Ranch Cheddar.5 lb.19$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Reserve Cheddar.5 lb.15$3.85
CHEESEKC – Block – Sharp Cheddar8 oz.19$3.85
CHEESEKC – Block – Smoked Chddar8 oz.8$3.85
CHEESEKC – Block – Smoked Gouda8 oz.7$3.85
CHEESEKC – Block – Smoked Paprika.5 lb.10$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – Special Reserve Che8 oz.10$4.00
CHEESEKC – Block – Tomato Bacon Basil.5 lb.9$2.95
CHEESEKC – Block – White Cheddar8 oz.45$2.95
CHEESEKC – Curds – Apple Cinnamon.5 lb.17$2.95
CHEESEKC – Curds – Chipotle Pepper.5 lb.8$2.95
CHEESEKC – Curds – Garlic & Dill8 oz.3$2.95
CHEESEKC – Curds – Green Onion8 oz.5$2.95
CHEESEKC – Curds – Horseradish & Chiv8 oz.5$2.95
CHEESEKC – Curds – Onion & Garlic8 oz.10$2.95
CHEESEKC – Curds – Red Cayenne Pepper.5 lb.11$2.95
CHEESEKC – Curds – Smoked Paprika.5 lb.15$2.95
CHEESEKC – Curds – Tomato Bacon & Bas8 oz.7$2.95
CHEESEKC – Quark (Tub)8 oz.1$4.00
FRESH*100843 – Deli Ham*1.5 lb61$4.25
FRESH*104275 – BB Variety Pak1.5 lb31$5.00
FRESH*105629 – FS Chicken Breast20 oz9$4.00
FRESH100788 –  Lobe Smk Tky Breast9 lb66$10.00
FRESH100889 – Lobe Oil-Browned Turkey Breast9 lb.12$6.00
FRESH104071 – Deli Ham Slices10 lb38$16.00
FRESH104245 – Turkey Ham10 lb17$4.00
FRESH105268 – Fried Turket E&P10 lb46$4.00
FRESH107072 – Fried Turkey Breast5 lb48$6.00
FRESH107271 – O/R Turkey Breast10 lb41$5.00
FRESH107420 – ABF O/R Turkey Breast10 lb29$6.00
FRESH107673 – lOBE O/R Turkey Breast9 lb14$6.00
FRESH107679 – L/S O/R Tky Brst Lobe9 lb12$6.00
FRESH107711 – Hickory Smoked Lobe8.5 lb.4$3.00
FRESH107830 – Lobe Low Sod OR Tky Brst9 lb.6$6.00
FRESH107951 – Hickory Honey Turkey9 lb12$6.00
FRESH108079 – Hickory Smkd Hny Tky9 lb6$6.00
FRESH108259 – O/R Turkey Breast Lobe7 lb4$6.00
FRESH108260 – Lobe Smk Turkey Brst7 lb3$6.00
FRESH108808 – Hickory Pepper Tky Brs9 lb12$6.00
FRESH109108 – Lobe Pepper Turkey Bre7 lb.6$6.00
FRESH109207 – Lobe Mesquite Smoke Tu9 lb.13$6.00
FRESH109292 – Chipotle Chicken Breast10 lb8$10.00
FRESH109775 – Natural Roast Beef10 lb.51$16.00
FRESH109790 – Honey Turkey Breast10 lb.12$6.00
FRESH109840 – Roast Beef4$30.00
FRESH109841 – Oven Roasted Trky Brst10 lb.2$4.00
FRESH110469 – Cajun Turkey Breast6.5 lbs.26$6.00
FROZEN*100843 – FZ Smoked Ham1.5 lb52$4.25
FROZEN102331 – Smk Tky Brst Strips20 lb.1$16.00
FROZEN104908 – Whole Fried Turkeys11 lb38$10.00
FROZEN105084 – Smoked Ham Dices5 lb49$2.00
FROZEN105474 – Turkey Bacon/3#*3 lb51$10.08
FROZEN105808 – Luncheon Loaf/Sliced2 lb.42$1.50
FROZEN106812 – Shredded Turkey5 lb29$3.00
FROZEN107582 – Mesquite Turkey Breat2.5 lb58$1.50
FROZEN107756 – Lobe OR Tky Breast Petite & Serve4.5 lb.48$6.00
FROZEN108598 – Beef Steak Dices5 lb.40$3.00
FROZEN108664 – Turkey Ribs 5 lb.5 lb.15$12.00
FROZEN109209 – Ground Turkey1 lb74$1.00
FROZEN109261 – Ground Turkey1 lb40$1.00
FROZEN109267 – Diced Turkey Sausage5 lb.63$2.00
FROZEN109685 -Chub Chipotle Chkn Brst25 lbs7$10.00
FROZEN109699 – Chub Roast Beef8 lb.3$10.00
FROZEN109721 – Organic Ground Turkey3 lb.13$3.50
FROZEN109742 – Cold Cut Combo Variety3 lb.63$1.50
FROZEN110066 – Turkey Bacon Cheddar B12 oz.42$1.50
RAW – FZ100727 FZ Tky Drumsticks30#2$28.76
RAW – FZ100746 FZ Tky Wing Portions30 lb4$24.30
RAW – FZ104076 Turkey Thighs(3)10 lb13$14.72
RAW – FZ104077 Turkey Tenders(4)10 lb15$24.17
RAW – FZ104078 Turkey Fries(4)10 lb13$19.31
RAW – FZ104079 – Turkey Livers (4)10 lb13$5.67
RAW – FZ104080 Turkey Gizzards(3)10 lb30$9.99
RAW – FZ104081 Turkey Tails(3)10 lb24$6.21
RAW – FZ104082 – Turkey Wings(3)7.5 lb32$6.18
RAW – FZ104083 Turkey Necks(3)10 lb7$4.19
RAW – FZ104673 Tky Drumsticks(4)6.2 lb43$5.94
RAW – FZ106299 – FS Turkey Ribs30 lb4$31.19
Hilcrest MeatsCheddar Bratwurst12$6.00
Hilcrest MeatsChicken Pot Pie12$12.00
Hilcrest MeatsPork Chops16
Hilcrest MeatsRing Sausage19$6.00
Hilcrest MeatsRoasted Dry Cured Bacon22$6.60
Hilcrest MeatsSummer Sausage30$5.50
Hillcrest MeatsBaby Back Ribs29 
Hillcrest MeatsBacon & Cheddar Bratwurst16$6.00
Hillcrest MeatsBacon & Onion Bratwurst12$6.00
Hillcrest MeatsBeef Kippered13$4.50
Hillcrest MeatsBeef Pot Pie6$12.00
Hillcrest MeatsBeef Soup Base2$4.00
Hillcrest MeatsBeef Sticks9$4.50
Hillcrest MeatsBeef Sticks w/C&J6 oz.25$4.50
Hillcrest MeatsBeef Sticks w/Cheese19$2.50
Hillcrest MeatsBeer Brats10$6.00
Hillcrest MeatsBI Ham – No Water Added101
Hillcrest MeatsBreakfast Sausage28$4.50
Hillcrest MeatsBreakfast Sausage – Patties1 lb.2$4.00
Hillcrest MeatsFresh Chickens12$8.25
Hillcrest MeatsFry Sausage10
Hillcrest MeatsGarden In A Jar32 oz7$9.75
Hillcrest MeatsHam Steaks16 
Hillcrest MeatsJalapeno & Cheese Bratwurst12$6.00
Hillcrest MeatsNew England Ham10 
Hillcrest MeatsNew York Strip Steak2.25 lbs10 
Hillcrest MeatsPhilly Cheese Brats7$6.00
Hillcrest MeatsPickled Eggs18$9.75
Hillcrest MeatsPickled Polish Sausage9$9.75
Hillcrest MeatsPickled Pork Hocks (Pint)16 oz3$7.60
Hillcrest MeatsPickled Snack Sticks6$7.25
Hillcrest MeatsPickled Turkey Gizzards13$9.75
Hillcrest MeatsPork Kippered17$4.50
Hillcrest MeatsRaw Turkeys – Hillcrest12 – 13 lbs.3 
Hillcrest MeatsRibeye Steaks – 2 per pk.2.5 lbs5 
Hillcrest MeatsRing Sausage w/Cheese and Jalap12 oz22$4.75
Hillcrest MeatsRoasted Canadian Style Bacon31$6.00
Hillcrest MeatsRoasted Dry Cured Pepper Bacon13$6.60
Hillcrest MeatsRoasted Jalapeno Bacon1 lb.3$6.00
Hillcrest MeatsSirloin Patties1 lb.14$6.00
Hillcrest MeatsSirloin Steaks – 3 per pk.2.25 lb.7 
Hillcrest MeatsSliced American Cheese3 lbs.8$11.45
Hillcrest MeatsSmoked Chickens13 
Hillcrest MeatsSummer Sausage w/C&J25$4.50
Hillcrest MeatsSummer Sausage w/Cheese37$5.50
Hillcrest MeatsTri-Tip Roast – Hillcrest8 
Hillcrest MeatsTurkey Pot Pie11$12.00
Hillcrest MeatsWhite Turkey Chili71$3.50
Hillcrest MeatsWhite Turkey Chili – 3 Lb. bag3 lb.5$18.00
HONEY12 oz Bear12 oz2$4.78
HONEY32 oz Squeeze Bottle32 oz10$10.01
HONEY5 lb Jug5 lb2$21.60
HONEYEar Candle6$2.43
HONEYHoney 16 oz. Squeeze Bottle16 oz.7$5.06
HONEYHoney 6 oz. Squeeze Bottle6 oz.5$2.93
HONEYHoney 8 oz Bear8 oz9$3.66
MiscCircus BBQ Wing Sauce18 oz.6$5.50
MiscCircus Wing Sauce – Medium18 oz.3$5.50
MiscCircus Wing Sauce – Mild18 oz.9$5.50
PizzaKuchen – Apple18$9.50
PizzaKuchen – Blueberry21$9.50
PizzaKuchen – Peach14$9.50
PizzaPizza – Barnyard Bacon & Egg9$10.00
PizzaPizza – Countryside Cheese Delu1.5 lb.21$10.00
PizzaPizza – Farmer’s Luau1 lb. 10.25o23$10.00
PizzaPizza – Grasslang Garlic Cheese1.5 lb.16$10.00
PizzaPizza – Homesteader’s Supreme1.5 lbs.23$10.00
PizzaPizza – Mammoth Three Meat1.5 lb.14$10.00
PizzaPizza – Prairie Pepperoni1 lb. 6 oz.17$10.00
PizzaPizza – Sunrise Sausage & Egg12$10.00
Popcorn BallsCaramel Popcorn Ball30$1.99
Popcorn BallsHoney Popcorn Ball32$1.99
Popcorn BallsOriginal Popcorn Ball31$1.99
PretzelsDots 1.5 oz Bag1.5 oz95$1.25
PretzelsDots 16 oz. Bag16 oz.51$5.99
PretzelsDots 32 oz. Bag32 oz.27$9.99
PretzelsDots 5 oz. Bag5 oz.41$3.49
SS SeedsCheddar Dill Seeds5.5 oz24$1.79
SS SeedsFlamin’ Bacon Seeds5.5 oz16$1.79
SS SeedsOld West BBQ Sauce20 oz.9$5.00
SS SeedsOpen Pit BBQ Seeds20 oz.19$1.79
SS SeedsRanch Seeds5.5 oz17$1.79
SS SeedsSunflower Seeds 13 oz13 oz32$2.89
SS SeedsSunflower Seeds 3lb3 lb7$9.99
SS SeedsSunflower Seeds 6.5 oz6.5 oz37$1.59
TacosTeno’s Tacos5 tacos17$7.50

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