Brookings Wyshbone Inventory November 30, 2018 Prices and Inventory are subject to change.

Sliced Deli Meats
Cotto Salami 10 lb.
Cured Turkey 10 lb.
Deep Fried Chicken Breast 10 lb.
Deli Ham 10 lb.
Fried Turkey Breast 10 lb.
Garlic Chicken Breast 10 lb.
Garlic Turkey Breast 10 lb.
Honey Turkey Breast 10 lb.
Mesquite Turkey Breast 10 lb.
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast 10 lb.
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast 10 lb.
Roasted Chicken Breast 10 lb.
Roasted Turkey Breast 10 lb.
Smoked Ham 10 lb.
Smoked Turkey Breast 10 lb.
Turkey Bologna 10 lb.
Turkey Ham 10 lb.
Turkey Salami 10 lb.
White Turkey 10 lb.

Beef Pepper Bits 1.5 lb.
Beef/Pork Peppered Bits 1.5 lb.
Beef/Pork Teriyaki Bits 1.5 lb.
Hickory Smoked 1.5 lb.
Korean Beef BBQ 1.5 lb.
Korean Pork BBQ 1.5 lb.
Original Beef Bits 1.5 lb.
Original Chicken Bits 1.5 lb.
Original Low Sodium Bits 1.5 lb.
Roast Beef Chunks 1.5 lb.
Smoked Beef Bits 1.5 lb.
Spicy Hot Sriracha 1.5 lb.
Teriyaki Beef Bits 1.5 lb.
Teriyaki Beef Nuggets 1.5 lb.
Wood Smoked 1.5 lb.

Beef Sticks
Hot Beef 2 lbs.
Original 2 lbs.
Pepperoni 2 lbs.
Teriyaki 2 lbs.

Turkey Sections
Turkey Breast 10 lb.
Turkey Fries 10 lb.
Turkey Gizzards 10 lb.
Turkey Livers 10 lb.
Turkey Necks 10 lb.
Turkey Tails 10 lb.
Turkey Tenders 10 lb.
Turkey Thighs 10 lb.

Dot’s Pretzels
Dot’s Small 1.5 oz.
Dot’s Medium 5 oz.
Dot’s Large 16 oz.

Aged Cheddar
Aged White Cheddar
Baby Swiss
Bacon & Onion
Black Garlic
Black Pepper
Bleu Cheddar
Cayenne Pepper
Colby Jack
Garden Medley
Garlic & Dill
Garlic & Parsley
Ghost Pepper
Horseradish & Chive
Jalapeno & Bacon
Monterey Jack
Onion & Garlic
Pepper Colby Jack
Pepper Jack
Prairie Heat
Sliced American
Sliced American Swiss
Smoked Cheddar
Smoked Paprika
Tomato & Basil
Tomato Bacon & Basil

Aged Cheddar 12 oz.
Cheddar 12 oz.
Habanero 12 oz.
Horseradish 12 oz.
Jalapeno 12 oz.
Nacho Cheese 12 oz.
Quark Cream Cheese 12 oz.
Ranch 12 oz.
Smoked Cheddar 12 oz.

Popcorn Balls

Hillcrest Products
Bacon & Cheddar Bratwurst
Bacon & Onion Bratwurst
Beef & Bacon Stick
Beef Jerky
Beef Pepper Sticks
Beef Pot Pie
Beef Sticks
Beer Bratwurst
Bone in Half Ham
Breakfast Sausage
Canadian Bacon
Cheddar Brats
Chicken Pot Pie
Ham Steak
Hashbrown & Cheddar Brats
Horseradish Brats
Italian Brats
Italian Fry Sausage
Jalapeno & Cheddar Bratwurs
Original Bratwurst
Philly Cheddar Brats
Pickled Eggs
Pickled Pork Hocks
Pickled Sausage
Pickled Snack Sticks
Pickled Turkey Gizzards
Pork & Bacon Pot Pie
Pork Chops
Pork Jerky
Ring Sausage
Ring Sausage w/Cheese
Ring Sausage w/ Jalapeno & Cheese
Roasted Dry Cured Bacon
Roasted Peppered Bacon
Smoked Baby Back Ribs
Snack Sticks w Jalapeno/Che
Snack Sticks w/ Cheese
Summer Sausage
Summer Sausage w/ Cheese
Summer Sausage w/ Jalapeno & Cheese
Turkey Jerky
Turkey Pot Pie
Turkey Sticks
White Turkey Chili
Whole Fried Turkey 11 lb.
Whole Fryer Chicken
Whole Smoked Chicken
Whole Smoked Turkey

Bees Wax Ear Candle
6 oz. Bear
12 oz. Spun Cream Honey
12oz. Bear
16 oz. Squeeze Bottle
1 oz. Beeswax Bar Mold
24 oz. Bear

Rhubarb Jam
Strawberry Blueberry Jam
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Wild Dutchman’s Sunflower Seeds
Original Small 6.5 oz.
Original Medium 13 Oz.
Original Large 3 lb.
Flamin’ Bacon 6.5 oz.
Open Pit BBQ 6.5 oz.
Ranch 6.5 oz.
Spicy Cheeseburger 6.5 oz.

Chipotle Moppin’ Sauce
Mustard Paint
Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

Diced Products
1/4″ Ham 5 lb.
1/4″ Turkey Sausage 5 lb.
1/2″ Turkey 5 lb.
1/4″ Italian Seasoned Turkey 5 lb.
1/4″ Turkey Sausage 5 lb.
1/4″ Beef Steak 5 lb.

Low Sodium Oven Roasted 9 lb.
Mesquite 9 lb.
Oil- Braised 9 lb.
Oil Browned 9 lb.
Oven Roasted 9 lb.
Smoked 9 lb.

Ground Turkey
Diestel Organic Turkey 1 lb.
Diestel Ground Turkey 1 lb.
Ground Turkey 3 lb.

Teno’s Tacos 5 pack

T-Shirts All Sizes

Salted Butter 1 lb.

Ground Turkey Chorizo 5 lb.

Buffalo Style Turkey Breast 5 lb.

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